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Extension Kit that can mirror the cloud settings

A lot of people when hearing how a smart heating system relies on the internet being available are concerned with how it would work when the internet is down. I know that it is possible to have some rudimentary control by pressing the button on the Extension Kit, but how about offering a more powerful version of Extension Kit that has the ability to hold all the scheduling settings and that steps in seamlessly when the internet is not available.

Clearly this would make for a more expensive extension kit version, but offers the choice to the user as to how much reliance on the internet they are prepared to allow the Tado solution to have

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  • Have you got an old.tablet?
    What I think would work would be to have a home version of the app with an overide that uses an old tablet as a remote control. Maybe even have a dlna app on smart TV so you can still control by wifi.
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