Missing post......awaiting "Approval"......anyone else had this ??🤔

This is just a general query really.....

Earlier today I posted a response to a thread opened by @Kingsley reference the 'Early Start' function of the Tado system.

After I posted my response, i decided to 'Edit it'.......twice. At this point I received a message from the Community Forum stating that " your entry will be displayed after approval "

I didn't realise that the thought police were in control of the Community.

I didn't use bad language or anything like that......I did however criticise some of the 'functions' supplied in the Tado setup........is this what I did wrong.

My response to @Kingsley is still outstanding............ Has anyone else come across this situation or am I just the lucky one 🤔


  • Hi,
    My post has not been uploaded to the original thread.....
    So I guess it wasn't " Approved "
  • OK.....that's just me then.....
    Better watch what I say/write in the future.
    😎 🥴😵🤔
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @GrayDav4276 Hi - no you are not alone. It is some automated response that nobody seems to know of!! The last one I had was really urgent on behalf of another member - months afterwards was still the same status!

  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    It is indicative of a free-running forum without any real involvement from the operator. There is probably nobody at Tado who is responsible for watching these messages and approving them as appropriate.

    There also have been false positives from a "foul word filter" in the forum. A while ago it often happened in the Dutch language section that perfectly normal Dutch words were deleted from user messages, causing confusion. They likely leaked into a "foul word list" due to some misunderstanding or by importing a list from another language.

    At least that one was eventually fixed.

  • Hi @samd,
    It's a little bit "Big Brother" isn't it 🤔
    And I don't mean the reality show 🥴😎
  • Missing posts? I had a few of those... followed by a missing account. 🤔

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @GrilledCheese2 Did 'they' ever explain what happened to your lost account?

  • Yeah @GrilledCheese2,
    What was the reason/explanation?? 🤔
  • GrilledCheese2
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    edited December 2020

    @samd @GrayDav4276 No explanation why my account and all posts were deleted. Perhaps it was an admin error, or maybe I broke some rule. None the wiser.

  • **UPDATE**
    I have just spent 20+minutes writing a lengthy response to a new question posted today....... And it's happened again.
    Starting to get a bit pee'd off now tbh
    I have decided that because this only happens as/when I "EDIT" my posts.......So from now on I'll not Edit any more posts....that's gonna play havock with my OCD tendencies.....but I'll just have to get used to it.
  • :/ 987653¥€+=^€%#_][]
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Friends That's really rude!!😘

  • Hey @Friends,
    Ouch...that really hurts.....I think 🤔

    Hey @samd.....what's he/she said ?? 🤔
  • Germán
    Germán | Admin
    edited March 2021


    We'll look into it, what we can say is that there's occasions in which accounts get marked as spam or filtered out by the forum system when they're not. Normally this may be caused by a connection time out, that maybe gets repeated (eg. we try to post something, we see it's not getting posted -timed out- and we try again. For the system a very inmediate retry may look like spam). It sounds to me that it could be a similar behavior but we'll need to check with the system provider.

    Thanks for rising it up.



  • I had one of these messages not long ago in another thread.

  • Hi @Germán

    Your answer regarding "time outs" sounds like it could very well be correct........not had any more for ages now 🤗

  • Tado_WhyNo2ndLoc
    edited May 2021

    I've had this too. - I bought a second tado system, and of course you can't have two properties on Tado,

    so I had to open a second account to use the second Tado system.

    I tried creating a thread with my "new" account - but It got left in this approval limbo.

    I must admit I'm not always full of glowing praise for tado - but there was nothing about this post that was excessive, it just stayed in "pending"

    Anyway, luckily since I have two tado systems and am forced to have two accounts I can use my "Legacy" account to create threads.

    All accounts are equal, but some are more equal than others.