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Automatically remove Open window notifications

I open a window in some room, I get a notification that turn off the heating on my mobile...what I do not check. So after 5 Minutes I close the window, but the notification stays. Even next day I see the notification, that I should turn the heating off on that room. What is misleading.

To get rid off the notification, I have to click on it, and then cancel the off status manually.

Can you please remove the notifications after time, or after the "window is closed"?

I do not bought any plan from Tado (yet), so auto turn off is not working.

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  • GrayDav4276GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    edited December 2020
    Hi @kozaka,
    If I was you I would go into the settings and turn off the 'Open Window Detection' for each device. The Tado system cannot 'detect' when a window has been closed.
    This is just a 'teaser' function to 'tease' the user into signing up to the Tado Auto Assist function.
    This is my own opinion.....
  • But it can detect when the temp goes up in which case it could remove the notifications as it is obvious there are no windows open 😅
  • Hi @crashnick16,

    Currently the Tado system is only designed to 'detect' and notify regarding an "Open Window Detected"......it is not designed to 'notify' the user that the reason for "Open Window Detected" has been closed/removed.

    If the user takes no action once Tado has sent the "Open Window Detected" notification, then the users Tado system will simply continue to apply heat to that radiator/room and will try to achieve the temperature as set by the schedule.

    I may/could be wrong about this last comment........but I believe that the "Open Window Detected" notification in the App has a timeout and disappears after a length of time.....I could be wrong tho' as I usually 'action' my OWD notifications. I will try an experiment on this later today.

    Regarding 'asking' Tado to make the changes that @kozaka wants.......I really don't think there is any chance that Tado can achieve this......because......as I mentioned in my previous response to @kozaka the Tado " Open Window Detected" is not achieved by employing an actual sensor on the window.......it's a complete misrepresentation of what actually happens.

  • Hi @crashnick16,

    UPDATE on my OWD notification experimen.
    I was correct the OWD notification disappeared after about 30 mins if no action taken to activate.
  • Hi @kozaka & @crashnick16 ,


    I have since found that the "Notification" actually is automatically removed in line with the 'duration' set by the user when the 'Enable' setting is set up.

    For example if the duration (for shutting down) the relevant Tado Room is set to 20 mins then this 'timescale' is also applied to the 'removal' of the "Notification"......ie the "Notification" will disappear after 20 mins.........I have tried this on 3 different duration settings, and the "Notification" has disappeared as per the 'duration' setting.

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