Only need to heat one room in zone - do I need a radiator thermostat?

I live in a 3 floor house. It's a new build and the insulation is good. So much so that before installing my Tado system, I had all the radiators on the top floor turned off as the heat rising from the lower floors was always enough to make the top floor comfortable (and in Summer sometimes quite uncomfortable). The engineer who installed my Tado system has organised 3 zones. Zone 1 is ground floor. Zone 2 is living room (where I have 2 tado radiator valves). Zone 3 is top floor. The top floor is set to a target temp of 20 degrees and all radiators are on. This means that those radiators never need heated as the temp on the top floor is always higher than the target temp thanks to the heat rising from below. My problem is that there are two bathrooms on the top floor in which there are radiators (towel rails really) and I DO want them to be on and heated. The way the system is currently set up means that they are always cold. The way I see it, I have 2 options: attach a tado radiator valve to each of the bathroom radiators and control them as 2 independent zones, or raise the target temp on the top floor and turn off all radiators on that floor except the two in the bathrooms. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • I assume the the therm on the 3rd floor is controlling a zone value to would have to be turned up to get any heating, you could then put TRVs on the rads that you want a lower heat on, the bedrooms, so they don't overheat.