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Allow for a second internet bridge in a home setup in order to improve coverage throughout the house

Currently, I'm having quite a hard time to find a spot in my house for the internet bridge that makes sure all my tado stuff (Smart Thermostat, Smart Radiator) connects reliably.

It would be very useful to have a way to extend the reach of the tado network, for example by being able to add a second internet bridge, so it's easier to achieve full coverage everywhere.

Please enable this, it would make full use of tado products possible even in more 'difficult'. homes.

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  • Hi @Schippie,
    As I have said in a previous reply to one of your earlier posts....you are asking for something that many, many customers have requested that Tado implement into the system.........and we're all still waiting....please don't expect anything from Tado (at least not in short order)
    My advice....don't hold your breath !! 🙏
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