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Improve early start algorithm by having users preselect their room type from a limited list/dropdown

After using both the Smart Thermostat and Smart Radiators for a while, I find that the smart algorithm doesn't work that well. For the smart radiators, it is way too aggressive for its use in relatively small rooms (starts 2-3 hours early, done heating in 20 mins). For the smart thermostat, connected to floor heating, it is nowhere near aggressive enough in warming (usually reaches the desired temperature about 2 hours late).

Creating an algorithm covering all based would be very hard, and unnecessary I believe, since users are perfectly capable of easily supplying relevant info. So I would suggest Tado implement a way for users to indicate their use case, so that they can pre'tweak' the algorithm. Based on my limited knowledge this could be as easy as a dropdown offering only very few selection possibilities:

  • For thermostat: floor heating or radiator heating
  • For radiator: small room, medium room, large room (or even just small room/large room)

Based on those values, tado can preset the initial start time, required heating power, etc of its algorithm. Which would then have a way easier job of optimizing within those parameters.

Another way to do this would be to allow customers to create their own profiles, by exposing certain algorithm parameters to them and allow them to set it. This would be sort of a 'pro' mode though.

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  • SchippieSchippie ✭✭
    edited January 8

    Just as an update: I have disabled early start for the smaller rooms I am using the smart radiators in. The algorithm starts way too early to be effective in these situations. It will push for almost full power & then heat the rooms in 15 minutes. And then you wait 3 hours for when you actually need the heat. And the system doesn't really seem to be learning at all here.

    So a suggestion like I put forward above is really necessary in order to make early start usable there.

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