Smart Thermostat Low Battery warning for 5 month!

Hello Tado folks.

I started receiving warning about "Low Battery" in the beginning of december 2018, but the thermostat is still working fine as of now (April 23, 2019). Are colluding with the battery manufacturers? ;-)


  • Hi

    I agree, the battery warning does appear far too early, it has just appeared on one of my valves and I know from previous experience it will probably last through to Autumn.

    On the other hand, I have had four out of five hard-wired wall Thermostats’ batteries fail without any warnings. The app showed batteries as been good but when you tried pressing the device button the display was erratic. Very strange.....


    6 months - and counting...

    I thinks this is a very delicate and unpleasant issue, which needs attention from Tado!

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