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Let the Tado Smart AC control v3+ start and stop the heat pump to ensure frost free invironment.

I purchaced the Tado AC Control V3+ to be able to start the heating in my summer cottage before arriving, to have a warm house to enter. Besides from being able to set the heatpump/AC from anywhere, I got the impression, that I could have a lower away setting, but my heatpump only supports temperatures down to 16 deg C. Is it possible to have a combination of the "remote" control mode, and manual mode, so that the Tado will switch the AC on/off at certain treshholds? like

If temperature <=5 deg C turn on heat set point lowest.

When temp >=8deg turn of heat pump

If humidity ">=70%" start heatpump in dry mode

when humidity "<=60%" stop heatpump in dry mode.

With the first of the arguments overruling the below, so heat for frost protection is always overruling humidity control?

That would improve the usability of the Ac control V3+

That being said, I was impressed with the setup, and the general functionality, even that I yesterday ended up loosing the ability to control the unit, when I was trying to reconfigure to manual mode, and had to be near the unit, to learn it my remote control commands once again, that was kind of unexpected, so I have to go to the summer cottage this weekend to get everything re-configured.

Finger croshed for a solution to this


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  • I second the thought from Morten. Summer cottages need these low settings. My AC-unit / heatpump is designed for this, how come TADO does not support it ? Should be an easy fix, which will improve your product immensely.

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