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Connect two internet bridges to one account

I know there have been a lot of discussion and requests to Tado to make it possible that there could be more than one internet bridge connected to one system / account. The first requests date from 2018.

I see also that a lot of customers are angry / disappointed towards Tado because little is done with regard to this request. And nobody (even an Tado support guy I'm in contact with) knows what the current situation is (he advised me to send my request to this forum). There are even customers who are (especially regarding the lack of communication from Tado about this topic) willing to stop using the Tado system and install a system of one of the competitors.

Could one of the Tado employee please be so kind to give me (us) an update regarding this request? Is there all ready a release planned to add this functionality tot the system and what is the expected date that the functionality will become available?

For me personally, I really need this functionality to cover all the rooms in our house (just as many other customers and yes, I have already done all the steps to connect all the heaters with just one internet bridge). 

I hope to hear from so one of Tado employees soon (hopefully with good news that the functionality will be available in January or February 2021).

Best regards,


Ps. I know that there are already a lot of threads regarding this topic. And I choose to start a new one, to hopefully get the right attention regarding this topic.

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