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Tado + Nest using learning algorithm

Two possible improvements / ideas
(UK boiler / tank set up)
1 - currently my tado uses Early Start to heat my rooms but as Nest activates at a different time. The tado algorithm can better learn to work together for maximum efficiency.

2 - under the HomeKit ecosystem (with Homebridge for Nest) perhaps tado can make sure of the Nest status to better activate the smart radiator thermostats and vice versa. I am hoping many people stuck in the Nest ecosystem can benefit from tado’s proactive integration and upgrade.
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  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @james_f If you have a look around on this site, I'm sure you will notice the significant amount of 'must haves' many of which are of some age! I really cannot see how tado would be moved to address your suggestion when, at no cost to tado, you could buy fully into the tado system. However, as always, it is your call.

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