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Energy Input Reporting

It would be useful in the Tado App to be able to record energy input e.g. volume of oil and cost added to the tank per delivery; units of gas used etc. This would enable convenient monitoring of fuel usage and cost to compare against the estimated savings currently reported (actual vs calculated). I assume some boilers will provide fuel usage data - mine doesn’t ! Obviously the provision of a comparison report would be required also.
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  • Hi,

    Unfortunately this isn't technically feasible as virtually no boiler measures the amount of fuel it uses, let-alone report this over an interface that can be used by a thermostat. We have had informal discussions with some energy suppliers regarding this, and the consensus is that smart meters are the only way forward.

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  • @Frank

    I presume you are referring to SMETS1 and SMETS2 style electricity and gas smart meters? The UK is starting to roll out SMETS2 meters (we have had SMETS1 for sometime) but these are by no means yet universal although the UK Government is pushing energy suppliers to get to that point.

    My problem is that whilst if you have a smart meter of this type it will report back to the energy supplier and typically they also provide an IHD - In Home Display a matching device to display energy use statistics these are not yet accessible via a smart home platform.

    There is nothing in theory to prevent this doing so but this requires a matching type of device called a CAD - Consumer Access Device.

    Note: Smart meters, IHDs and CADs all communicate on a 'HAN' which a 'home area network' using the Zigbee protocol.

    A CAD device can then take the meter reading statistics and either make them available on your LAN or send them to a cloud service. See this as an example -


    Unfortunately the above example is only for SMETS1 and has some UK compatibility issues even then.

    Sadly the (UK) energy suppliers - even the small supposedly smarter players are doing nothing to facilitate this sort of use and to presume a politician has a clue is sheer madness!

    My own current energy provider is rolling out SMETS meters with an IHD that in theory also acts as a CAD but they in order to save costs are not including the WiFi module that would be needed. As the making of this IHD/CAD device almost completely is focused on energy suppliers as their customers getting the module as a mere home owner is going to be very hard.

    My provider is using an IHD/CAD made by the following -

    Even if you get a suitable CAD and WiFi module these have their own proprietary APIs although here at least there is generally the possibility to get documentation.

    What would be interesting to know is if Tado have any plans to make this sort of thing easier?

  • I belive the request was to be able to enter this info manually. In fact to use data from smart meter you're going to have to write virtually all the code required for manual input and then write all the code to talk to smart metering (good luck with that!). So why not just write the manual input now - which everyone can use regardless of fuel and meter type?
    Smart meter rollout won't complete for another ~ 20 years (not enough installer engineers for a start) - why wait for that?
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