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How Tado should monetize its product

How Tado should monetize its product seems to be by charging the users either by boiler service or charging for apps. This doesn’t seem a good approach, as Google wouldn’t be where it is if it charged to use its browser. People don’t like paying for things, even more so when they have bought the product. What is needed is a win, win model. Tado must have a ton of data on it user’s energy use. Why not set up a Tado user account, where Tado could group users into usage profiles. These groups could be organised into blocks to get good energy deals. Using this data, you could work out customer profiles and these profiles could be used to find the best energy deal. Tado could then use large numbers to get users good deals and the energy suppliers would be happy to pay Tado for the extra customers. When there is a better energy deal, Tado simply switches the profile block to another energy supplier. Everyone wins.

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  • They certainly should NOT be charging for features which were advertised without any mention that they cost £36 a year. While I recognise ongoing income funds ongoing development etc, to fail to mention anything about subscription in advertising then lock off features that were advertised seems wrong. If it was saving me £100 a year, I might pay £36 - as it is I actually use more fuel with Tado.
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