Re-instate the Heating symbols

The old version of the App used to display a three bar symbol when the room was actively heating and it showed the degree of demand according to one bar low demand to three bars high demand.

That way you can see at a glance which room is actively heating.

Now you have to go to the chart to see if it is active or not.

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  • JakosaurJakosaur ✭✭
    edited April 30

    To be honest, I'd rather they just change it on the V3+ app to only show on the tile & graph when heat has been requested from that device/room. Never really liked & understood the three bars as our heating never came on until the third bar was lit. Would rather it just say when it's requested heat in a room & show nothing on the tile & graph when it's off. Just makes a mess of the graph saying it had a low demand but never actually requested anything. -

    Just my opinion though! If I had the option, I'd disable them from view! 🙂

    Also seems to have been suggested here already -

  • That’# very true, I forgot about that.

    My heating does not differentiate between the degree of request, it’s either Onor Off.

    I don’t know any system that does.

    Just on or off would be ok.

  • pjdrpjdr

    Mine does (Nefit). I miss the symbols too, had them on the old app, would like to see them back in the new app, on the room tile, so that I can see which rooms are requesting heating.

  • I totally agree on this, i just got the V3+ and i was trying to find if it actually works.

    I had to go outside to my boiler and check for the indications there on its lcd screen.

    Maybe also including this on the Tado thermostat itself when you press the main button.

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