One of my 4 trv is running at 27 even when off

One of my 4 trv is running at 27 even when off On the app and on the physical trv but still reads 27 and I can’t stop it bellowing out! Anyone help? No answer still from tado to my question


  • i have the same issue in my Dining room -> Thermostat displays as "OFF" but the heating is nerverending. and the Dinign area is heated upto 29degrees when i came home and the App & the Device continues to display "OFF" -> even after manually chnaging to some value and reverting to OFF doesnt do any trick to stop the heating.

  • Did you get any feedback from tado themselves?
  • I have the same problem. My bedroom radiator is piping hot and will not stop even though I have turned it off manually and through the app
  • Morning - tado answered and reset the parameters 24hrs ago so I am just monitoring it to see if it has worked over the next few days. I will report back 👍🏼
  • Thanks. I think I have sorted it. I deleted the valve and reinstalled it. So far so good
  • @AidanLangley : I did the same and now all TRVs are working perfectly - measured temperater at target-spot and also adjusted the Offset to set realistic temperatures. looks like Tado observed the new "correct" behaviour of my TRV and perhaps thus never answered :)

  • Mnag1234 - mine has levelled out and seems a lot better. But I have noticed my trv is always 1-1.3* higher than our pretty accurate baby temp
    Monitor in the room - how did you go about sorting yours if you don’t mind bud? Nice one
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