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Improve algorithums to improve underfloor heating efficiency

I have been using Tado Smart Thermostat’s now for many years, in the past just on water based radiator central heating.

About 18 months ago, I moved to a property with multiple underfloor heating zones and replaced the John Guest Thermostat’s with Tado Smart Thermostat’s.

I have noticed that the Tado Thermostat’s do not cater for the residual heat in an underfloor heating system due to the heat retained in the Floor. This causes the heat to continue to build and overheat the room.

This is compounded by the fact that the heat is sill demanded after the room has reached the desired temperature, assuming it is running a less efficient radiator system maybe?

I would like to see development in the algorithums to better cater for and compensate for underfloor heating to enable better prediction/learning of heating durations required to reach the desired temperature without overheating the room.

I am happy to beta test during the next heating season.

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  • My understanding is that Tado should learn the lag and recalculate to allow for lag and avoid overshoot on a zone by zone basis. If this is still happening 12 months after installation, I'd raise this with support as a fault.
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