Temperature set ‘until next time block change’

I have suggested this improvement a couple of years ago (as soon as I bought my first Tado, now I have it in my parents’s house and my own)

Actually, I’ve always considered it a bug because if I set the temperature to a certain value and then I go out for 5 minutes to buy milk, I want to find that temperature set when I come back, regardless of the schedule setting for that part of the day

I’m in the beta testing group, so I have downloaded version 5.5 which should have this new feature, but it doesn’t

It’s only if I upgrade to V3+!

Have Tado already stopped supporting the V3 app?
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  • mw9342mw9342 ✭✭✭

    The latest app 5.5 has reintroduced this feature. It's still using the same slider to adjust the duration of your manual change but if you look carefully there is now a stopping point for the next time block.

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