Problems with my Tado which doesnt modulate


I've got my Tado for a while now, but im struggeling to get it modulating properly.

I have a gateway attached to my boiler aswel (Opentherm gateway) running with Domoticz.

Got a screendump attached, where you can see that it switches on and off, instead of reducing the heating power and modulating properly.

My Tado is setup connecting with OpenTherm, which runs, but still as you can see switches my boiler on and off shortly everytime...

What's the problem here, does it actually support modulating the way i expected it to, or is this the way Tado calls it "Modulating" which in my opinion its not.


  • The graphs are a bit clipped off, but the lower one seems to show it demanding about 30% heat. What happens next is largely a function of the heating system.

  • ChristiaanTadl
    edited February 16

    I've looked more into this and also compared it with my previous thermostat (iSense, Remeha).

    Tado always asks the max water temp, which i've set at 65 degrees.

    While my "old" iSense, does this in steps, modulair.

    The "Heating Percentage" is read out from the Tado controller, but doesn't do anything as you can see in the Graph.

    It should regulate the water temperture requested, but like i said its either 65 degrees or 0...