Designing setup for my flat

Hi team,

I have been using tado for a while now, slowly adding to my setup, but now I have more devices available, I'm not sure if I have designed my system the right way.

I would love to ask for your point of view.

My flat has 2 heating circuits, controlling Zone 1 and Zone 2 independently.

I have replaced both old wired thermostats with tado smart thermostats.

These work fine, requesting heat when required.

Zone 1 consists of:

  • Tado Smart thermostat mounted in hallway
  • Room 1 with 2 radiators, both with tado radiator thermostat
  • Room 2 with 1 radiator, with tado radiator thermostat
  • Room 3 with 1 radiator, normal radiator thermostat
  • Hallway with (what I was told) balancing radiator, no radiator thermostat

Zone 2 consists of:

  • Tado Smart thermostat mounted in Room 4
  • Room 4 with 1 radiator, normal radiator thermostat
  • Room 5 with 1 radiator, normal radiator thermostat

I have marked tado devices in dark red and radiators in white.

Rooms in zones 1 and 2 are grouped by different shade of blue.

The issue:

The problem I have is with Zone 1 setup and the significant difference in temperatures between the Rooms 1 and 2.

  • Room 1 is always warmer due to the placement in the building.
  • Room 2 is always 3-4 degrees cooler than Room 1.

Smart thermostat for Zone 1 is mounted in the hallway opposite balancing radiator without thermostats which makes it not useable to measure temperature as the hallway is getting warm really fast and stays like this for long time.

My idea was to use tado smart radiator thermostat in Room 2 (the colder one) to be the one measuring the temperature for Zone 1, hoping that tado radiator thermostats in Room 1 (the warmer one) will shut the heating down then it's getting too warm in there.

Will this work?

Ultimately the aim of the game is to:

Ensure Room 1 doesn't get too hot

Ensure Room 2, being the colder one, gets the heat more frequently/longer than other rooms in Zone 1.

Here's my current setup in the app, grouping the devices into two Zones/Rooms

I would really really like to ask you for help in verifying what I'm trying to do and point me in the right direction.

I appreciate your time and help.