Option to Use a Smart Thermostat as a global manual control

I would like to be able to use a Smart Thermostat (or cheaper device without thermostat) to manually override the Smart Schedule of all my Radiator Thermostats

  • Increasing (or decreasing) the temperature by one degree would increase (or decrease) the current temperature set on all radiators (depending on preference, this could be for 1hr or indefinately). The user should have an alternate option to set all radiators to the manually selected temperature on the Smart Thermostat.
  • A heating on/off option on the Smart Thermostat to turn all radiators on (to Smart Schedule) or off (to frost protection).
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  • I think that rather defeats the purpose of multi-zoning. Can you explain your use case?
  • I agree. And I the the case is obvious, particularly the second bullet point.
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