Boiler active outside time setting why(no frost)

Any ideas why my boiler fires up outside the time setting, the house is not cold ie frost protection, annoying in middle of the night or even during the day waisting fuel, thanks


  • I’m having the same issue - boiler coming on during the night and no rads or thermostat are calling for heat.

    i’ve emailed Tado so hopefully there’s a solution or a mis-configuration on my setup.

  • Thanks for your comments please let me know if you get a answer
  • Hi @Sp0ton, @SeanG ,

    Assume you don't have the "early start" function activated on any rooms?

  • No never activated it, it happens now and then, thanks for the reply

  • So, after many exchanges of emails with Tado support (very helpful agents) I thought all had been sorted with random radiator smart valves dropping off line, but alas, problem has reoccurred and I’ve raised with support again today. Heating was running at 2am/3am this morning when all schedules for devices had come into effect at 22.00 where they are set to 10 and 15 depending on location (lounge! Bedroom etc). No room dropped below these temps and frost protection was not needed.

    The main issue appeared to be the location of the Bridge and the distance to devices (weak signal) and I’ve done everything from relocating the bridge, swapped offending valves with others throughout the house (to rule out faulty device), installed a new mesh TP Deco WiFi system and hard resetting / rebooting devices along the way, including Wireless Receiver. This device will show the “WiFi” and “error” LEDs pulsing when a device is lost at times.

    Very frustrating altogether as I am not confident the system is stable and will randomly turn on - especially when (if) away. Geolocation and smart start at all disabled.

    Any thoughts?


  • I didn't get anywhere with support either, they just say we can't see the turn on.

    I don't think this issue is being caused by communication problems as the commands don't originate from the devices themselves, the server tells them to switch on or off.

    It's either a bug with the firmware (that it does some form of self checking that is triggering a heat command) or something wrong in the handshakes that are happening.

  • Same here. I’ve just installed it and it’s always warm at night for no reason. Everything says it’s not turned on, but radiators are roasting.
  • I have the same happening. No rads calling for heat but the bathroom which has no tado valve getting all the heat. All others stone cold. So weird. I actually set all the rads to off now during the night rather than lower the temps.