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Better support for firmware updates

As a software engineer myself I am always keen to ensure I am running up to date software/firmware. I am surprised that the device 'firmware update' option is buried under Settings / HomeKit / Devicename instead of under Settings / Devices / Devicename. Is there some rationale fot=r this? It would seem more logical to have the option under Settings / Device / device name.

Secondly, it would be helpful if (a) the Update firmware 'button' is only displayed when there is actually a firmware update available and (b) if it provided some information (version, release date) of the new firmware. Currently the button seems to bee displayed at all times and even when it seems that an update might be available using the button seems not to have any effect, even in the longer term.

Thirdly, there is no real feedback on the firmware update process so it is hard to know if an update is available, if it has been requested, whether it was successful or not (other than noticing the version number). This needs to be improved; ideally a history function showing update attempts and their outcome.

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