Smart Radiator Thermostat keeps falling off the radiator ?

I have mounted my Smart Radiator Thermostat to the radiator using the included Danfoss RA adapter. However, after a few days it has just popped off the radiator ?

I have already tried to tighten the screws but it did not help.


  • Hi Mike,

    Please ensure that you only tighten the screw enough for the adapter to remain on the valve and for the thermostat to be mounted. You can check the following article for reference:

    We can send you a new improved plastic adapter free of charge, the only thing we need from you is to fill the form and let us know how many adapters are required:

    Best regards,


  • Hi Frank/Tado,

    I have the exact same problem, however, the tado does not stick at all to the Danfoss adapter.

    How can i get hold of a adapter replacement? the form above doesnt work.


    hans otto

  • The danfoss plastic adapters are not fit for purpose - get these metal ones instead, they work perfectly:
  • I'm experiencing the same problem, and my conclusion is that this is a broken product, and the fact that Tado is neither acknowleding nor fixing this problem makes them a *naughtyword* vendor, that people should stay far away from.

    Not a single support article about this problem, yet hundreds of people are clearly experiencing and have to resort to buying 3rd party product to make it usable.

  • I had this same issue, and it was caused by not putting the adapter far enough onto the valve, it should go over the edge. But I can imagine that I'm lucky to have the valve that the adapter fits well to...

  • I have the same problem but once it is put in the right position then the Tado thermostat cannot be mounted.
  • @Tado: I have the same issue. Where can I find the form for the the Danfoss RA replacement?

    It's very annoying and just found this here, I thought I did something wrong but it seems not. :-(

  • The adapter they deliver with the radiator thermostats aren't fit for purpose at all. I mounted it already 10 times and if you thighten it so it stays well mounted, the thermostat itself comes off ones the valve closes (while the adapter stays on the valve). If you thighten it just a little less the adapter with thermostat comes off.

  • The Tado supplied adaptors are rubbish. These metal replacements are perfect and look better:
  • @johnbur Thanks, I don't think I will get an answer from Tado as it seems many complain about it already. I have ordered the Heimeier metal adapter to solve the issue. It's a shame the don't go for quality.

  • I have this model of radiator valve in the radiator but it's not compatible with the Tado Smart radiator valve. as I have bought 10 smart radiator valves and a starter kit for the installation. now I am in plan to return this product as its valve is not compatible and the quality of the adapter is not good(cheap plastic, not stable, and calibration error as its not compatible with the valve)

    so someone could suggest the best smart radiator in the market which can give more control over the cost and operation of the radiator.