Tado Smart Thermostat firmware will not update, Thermostats not working

Hi Everyone, a quick summary is that 15 zone value with 15 Horstman system was installed 6 years ago and has been working fine for the last 6 years.

9 days ago, we purchased 20 Tado Smart Thermostats and V3 starter kit.

We replace 10 of Horstman thermostats with Tado Thermostats, the Tado Smart Thermosta who installed had different versions of the firmware.

Tado Support on Monday 05/04/2021 configured the Tado Smart Thermostats (our initial configuration was not working) to control the zone values (each Thermostat relay is connected via 240V cables that switch the zone valve on & off). Not sure exactly what configuration they did. Tado Support said that they had initated the firmware supports because firmware updates did not happen automatically.

Since Monday (5 days and counting), the temperature in the rooms is either a lot lower (4-5 degrees) or too high (4-5 degrees), never anywhere near the setting in the Room schedule. We resorted to using 4 rooms for testing since we can visibly see the zone valves for these 4 rooms.

Any changes made to the kitchen , Passage & Study are reflected in the family thermostat, you adjust Kitchen thermostat manually and the Family Thermostat is shown as adjusted in the Stat itself and the Tado App not the Kitchen. We have screenshot photos, since Tado support did not believe we setting the temperature and just reading the room temperature.

You boost the family Room and the Kitchen, Passage and Study zone valves open. You switch Family Room off, the Kitchen, Passage and Study Zone valve close.

It looks like the family room is acting as a controller for the other thermostat, BUT Tado App and support say the each Room Smart Thermostat controls the heating for this room.

Tado Support keep saying issue is due to different versions of the firmware and keep saying they have iniated the firmware update for the last 5 days and I need to be patient, surely firmware update does not take 5 days. only 1 Tado has updated, 1 had the latest firmware when we looked, the remaining 8 are still at old firmware version. I have invested in buying 20 Tado Thermostats thinking we would get better control of heating but nothing is working on the 8 Thermostats already installed. Tado support are NOW not responding to chats or my emails illustrating the issue via screen shot photos.

Can anyone help, any advice, has anyone had similar issues. 

How can I contact Tado after sales team when Tado Support are ignoring or issues cannot be resolved by them.

How can I determine the current state of 240 Volt thermostat relay via the App or thermostat itself or any other way.

All help appreciated.

Regards Ashy