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I don't know if Tado have done some "background" activity on the heavily reported lack of Low Battery notifications (specifically on the SRT's)...........I have just received my first ever Low Battery Notification on one of my SRT's.....this "should" prove to be very helpful, and hopefully "eliminate" the dreaded fault condition of the SRT staying either Open or Closed at an inappropriate time.
Anyone else had a recent Low Battery Notification.....?? 🤔

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    @GrayDav4276 I believe this came with the rechargeable battery firmware update for the VA02 radiator thermostats.

    See here where @Jurian discusses the firmware update and talks about a new detection algorithm: https://community.tado.com/en-gb/discussion/comment/22833/#Comment_22833

    It's a shame it can't be fixed for other devices. I had to change the batteries in my smart thermostat just last night after the display showed a low battery warning, but the app still said all was good.


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    Looks like low battery info is now available via push (iOS)

  • Deezell
    I've no problem getting low battery notifications or the energy report, but I don't get the Away or Home mode reminders. I had been using IFTTT applets to do this, but they're looking for a sub now to edit or modify, and only two applets allowed. It's useful to confirm that the heating has resumed before you get home, sometimes due to poor mobile signal the geolocation fails to switch back.