Prevent radiator valves sticking

Hey all,

As you know many people end up calling an engineer after prolonged period of little to no central heating useage.

Why, well often it's because the radiator valve pin has become stuck and won't open. We know that the tado TRVs when not in use sit in the closed position so if the valve is stuck it will likely be in the closed position after a period of non use and a build up of scale or sludge around the valve inside.

My proposal would be a check box option in the settings of the tado app for a "trv refresh" option. This would periodically fully open and close the Tado TRVs (maybe when there has been X number of hours of no central heating activity) which then cycles all TRVs full open and then full closed ensuring the valves remain free moving over summer months and into winter.

I think it would be a good maintenance free way to prevent valves becoming stuck which cost people a call out charge to have an engineer come out in winter when a radiator isn't heating up (you can of course free of the valve by removing the trv and pushing the pin etc but not everyone is confident in doing maintenance jobs even if it's pretty straight forward)

For reference, I work for a central heating repair company and see this repair needed regularly, every winter.
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