Introduce a new hardware item; a smart controller for underfloor electric heating

Many homes have underfloor electric heating to augment their normal central heating. For example I have 11 rooms where my gas central heating is controlled by tado but in 7 of those room I also have electric 'comfort' underfloor heating. it would be great to be able to control the UFH using tado too, for a more integrated and efficient experience. Perhaps tado could consider adding a smart UFH controller to their range of hardware?

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    We have electric UFH in our garden room, it's rarely left on purposefully but seeing it in the app and being able to at the very least switch it off/on would be fantastic. Surely just a temperature sensor and relay if not enough customer demand for a specific unit?

  • Smartjings and a compatible relay would do this.
  • Smarthings and a compatible relay, yes not tado, then setup home assistant, tadp integrates with that and them you have a whole.system.
    Home assistant can run on a cheap raspberry pi.