Vote for your new feature

Vote for your new feature 12 votes

Add thermostats to separate zones with geofence
16% 2 votes
Easy labels e.g winter and summer modes
50% 6 votes
Locked zones with specific user management of
0% 0 votes
Smarthings integration
33% 4 votes


  • And anything else leave in the comments.
  • manageable max temperature settings per device, please

  • what_a_tado
    what_a_tado ✭✭
    edited October 4

    The only change I would like to see is for a copy of the schedule to be held locally in case of a disruption to the internet connection but that will probably require new hardware.

  • SunnyD
    edited October 18

    provide the ability to single out a common Tado Smart Radiator valve (that can be added to ALL zones with a UFH zone) as a 2 Port valve for the UFH manifold. This would eliminate the need of having additional equipment required like the heatmiser to setup UFH in conjunction with Tado. The ENTIRE system would be Tado controlled.

    with the above mentioned software feature... you would be able to actually have and brand your product as a TRUELY all in one home heating management solution.