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Correct equipment for new installation

I am currently in the middle of renovating my house.

We are due to have

Ground floor - underfloor heating

1st floor - radiators

2nd floor - radiators

Combi boiler, 1st and 2nd floor zoned individually

What equipment would you recommend to control this system via Tado ?


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭
    edited March 2020

    @Gonzo You may get a clear answer on here but I think you would be better placed to ask support about your list above but to include the makes and models of your heating system. If you use the chat line on tado.com, it works well if you have composed your post with all detail on a word processor so that you can just paste it into the chat line.

  • Thanks samd,

    I thought support only had pre written FAQ's

    I've pasted my question to the source.

    I'll post the reply in case anyone is interested when I get one.

  • No, support is much more than FAQ. If you use their chat line they're very helpful (though it's a bit slow waiting five minutes for every reply.)

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