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No battery warning for radiator valve

I just found out my radiator valve needed its battery replacing because it went down to 12 degrees in that room. The Tado app said it had full battery (Green batter bar) but the thermostat when trying to adjust it was coming up with the empty battery symbol.

I've replaced the battery now and it's fine. But I would have thought the app should have at least warned me?


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Astarin You are not alone. There have been a few examples of this - I am sure Support are aware of the issue.

  • GermánGermán | Admin

    Hello Astarin,

    The way the battery notification in the app informs is either above a certain threshold or below, we can't offer information on the charge level.

    Some devices may need a higher voltage before the low battery notification from the server is triggered, this will be shown by the device itself when they detect the current battery voltage doesn't allow them to move the motor.

    We are working on implementing this information in the notifications as well.

    Best regards,


  • That would be good. Seems like a major flaw in the implementation if a device knows it has low battery, but doesn't pass that information to the server or alert the user. Especially if my app says its full charged and the device itself is depleted enough to no longer work at all. I would have thought it had passed a threshold to alert me by that point.

  • atoato

    Major flaws... in the implementation indeed. The whole Tado system just does not work. Batteries only last a month. It is a non sense to change all of them on a monthly basis!

    I never had such a high gas bill since Tado was installed in my house: CHF 2000 for 6 month for a small 3 bedroom house of 100 sqm2.

    I do regret this installation so much. App indeed is not properly linked to the radiators so in fact one is not aware how high is the temperature, etc etc etc

    Tado was a total disaster! I will post a review on the internet, as it simply cannot be!

  • Its not that bad, the batteries in everything are still going strong 1 year later bar that one radiator thermostat which still lasted over a year.
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