Extension box (hot water) stopped working since yesterdays application update


I've logged this with Tado but wanted to ask the question here in case anyone else is having similar issues.

This morning we woke up to no hot water, our set up is relatively straight forwards - usual heating (which is working great) and an Extension Kit that is used to switch the hot water on/off.

What I've found is really strange.

Essentially the short version of the story is that the hot water no longer works. The app still says the extension kit is connected, but it no longer turns the water on or off based upon the schedule and manual control does nothing either.

BUT ...

If I log onto Tado via the web app then the manual on/off works perfectly - which surprised me! Equally, if I manually turn on the water via the Web App and then turn it OFF via the phone application then that works too - it's just that the phone is no longer able to turn on the water either manually or via the schedule.

My iPad also had the old version of the App still installed, which I expected to work - but it doesn't, exactly the same behaviour as the new App. Turns on all the blocks in the app, but doesn't actually do anything.

Very very strange, it's as though a trigger is missing in the App.

Final point of interest is that the schedule does nothing - again if you set a schedule it changes the status, but doesn't actually trigger the hot water itself.

Anyone else having similar issues?



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  • Sparky
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    Hi Stuart,

    Check your firmware on the Extension Kit, if it's 71.1 then ask Tado to downgrade to 64.4.

    I had the same issue over the last 24hrs.



  • Yes, it's on 71.1. Not sure when it upgraded to that, but this sounds like the issue. Thank you Sparky!!! :-).

  • All,

    Just wanted to follow-up my own posting earlier and also once again thank Sparky for helping out.

    I've spoken to Tado support and they're in the process of rolling back 71.1 but have asked if anyone is having similar issues to get in touch specifying the details of your setup and versions so they can sort.

    You learn a lot about a company when things go wrong, and once again I'm genuinely impressed with Tado's engagement on this issue.



  • Unfortunately my firmware upgrade hasn't fixed the problem for me.

    The Web App continues to work absolutely fine, but the Phone app still doesn't - but a change is definitely noticeable.

    Now when I toggle the hot water in the phone app I hear a "click" from the extension kit after a few seconds, as though it's doing something - unfortunately whatever connection it is making doesn't switch on the hot water like it used to. The Web App works though - so obviously the wiring is fine (and it's unchanged since original installation 2+ years ago).

    Very confused on this one.

    Anyone else having similar issues?



  • Forgot to say, the firmware is version 64.6 - not 64.4 which Sparky you said fixed your issue?

    Am thinking 64.6 isn't working :-(.

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