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Danfoss TP9000

Hi, I have a Danfoss TP9000 programmer installed 'Downstairs' in the kitchen with a TS2 temperature sensor wired into the Hall.

From what I've read and understand, I need to :-

  1. Install an Extension Kit Add-on to replace the TP9000.
  2. Install a Wired Smart Thermostat (add on) to manage the temperature downstairs.

Is this correct?

Am I right in saying that the Wired Smart Thermostat will actually Just be battery powered and won't need to connect to any wires because it will control the downstairs temperature via the Extension kit?

BTW - I already have Tado V3+ installed - That manages my 'Upstairs" Heating Zone. This is why I'm buying Add-ons and not the full-kit. I already have the Wifi dongle and upstairs thermostat.

Hope anyone can help?

Best Answers

  • OllyOlly
    Answer ✓

    It works! Thanks for the help!

    So in summary: -

    Zone 1 - Upstairs - Danfoss TP5000 - Was a direct swap with a Tado Smart Thermostat

    Zone 2 - Downstairs - Kitchen - Danfoss TP9000 - Was a direct swap with Tado Extension Kit

    Downstairs - Hall - Danfoss TS2 thermostat - Device now redundant - I bought a Tado Smart Thermostat (Add-on) which connects to the Tado Extension Kit wirelessly. This also means you can now position it wherever you like!


    The TP5000 replacement was easy to install; required a couple of screw holes.

    The TP9000 replacement was VERY easy to install. The Tado Extension kit has screw holes that match the baseplate of the TP9000 so other than connecting the cables per the instructions, it was almost a straight swap.

    One thing I noticed was that when I added the Extension Kit, the Tado app thought the Upstairs thermostat was providing the Downstairs temperature and vice versa. This was easily solved by renaming the zones and then swapping the Thermostats upstairs <> downstairs. This meant that appropriate thermostat could also be used as the Hot Water switch.

    All in all, very impressed.


  • Many thanks for your help Mr Cheese!

    I'll buy the items and give it a go. Will report back when installed and fully working as expected.

    Much appreciated.

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