Finer granularity of temperature reporting and adjustment for Smart Radiator Thermostats

Throughout the app temperatures are reported and set in units of whole degrees. It would be beneficial to increase the granularity of both reporting and setting to half degree increments.

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    I modified the title as this currently only affects rooms that have a Smart Radiator Thermostat as a leader.

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  • I totally agree with this, I have also been asking for this for a long time, both for the radiator thermostats, and the room thermostat on the actual thermostats themselves, as opposed to via the App. Seems a bit odd you can't set 0.1C increments on both pieces of equipment and being a dot matrix display should be easy enough to reprogram to show the 0.1C increments.

    The difference between 20C and 21C is massive, it can't be right to leave it at that for the radiator stats.

  • Even if the display and rotary encoder on the valves are an issue preventing this on the hardware, the sensor clearly has a 0.1 resolution - so it should be possible to use app to set to 0.1 resolution.
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