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My thermostat isn't in the same room


As per the picture attached this is my situation and I'm looking to get more understanding how tado works.

My thermostat is located in my hallway and not my living room, there are no radiators in the hallway and kitchen, and the bathroom one hasn't got the tado radiator thermostat.

When I set up the system and first installed the thermostat it asked which room it was in and I set it as the Hallway. I followed with the rest of the radiator thermostats after and they also have their own rooms. After this I setup the smart heating schedule for both the bedroom and living room. But now I'm also able to set one up for the thermostat which in the app shows as the Hallway...

What will happen if I do this and set a temperature of 20 degrees celcius.. How will the system know that there isn't a radiator in the hallway and that it should use the living room/bedroom radiator to make the house also heat up in the hallway? I'm worried that the system is going to turn itself on, not opening the valves on the radiators in the other rooms (as they are on the desired temperature already) and that the boiler is going to be on constantly trying to get the hallway to 20 degrees celcius, therefore costing me more money.

I'd appreciate if you could provide me with an answer so I can understand how the system works/knows what to do.

Finally, I also have a separate electric heating system (I think it's in the bathroom or kitchen, still trying to figure this out (rented flats eh! haha)), is there a way to connect the electric heating system as well, I believe it does have a floor temperature sensor as well.

Many thanks,

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  • GrilledCheeseGrilledCheese ✭✭✭
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    You are right to be concerned about the hall thermostat calling for heat and never being satisfied. You’ll end up with a very warm bathroom and a boiler that is coming on for no reason.

    You could set the smart schedule for the hall to 10°C at all times which means it is unlikely to call for heat. BUT there are two modes for running the smart TRVs and you need to make sure they can independently call for heat even when the wall thermostat is not calling for heat. You have to ask customer support to make this change. Your bathroom radiator will only heat up when either the living room or bedroom is calling for heat.

    Tado is able to control electric heaters, but it is not compatible with systems that require a floor sensor.


  • Heleen_60Heleen_60
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    Take the thermostat off the wall and have it freestanding in the living room?
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