Hot water working but no heating - any help to fix?

We have installed our Tado extension kit and smart thermostat, hot water works but no heating. We have a gravity fed system and have already contacted Tado for the driver we need but installation said it should work if hot water is kept on, it doesn't and Tado have not responded in 2 days. The 'live chat' has not been any help as there has been no response and I have left a voicemail but again got no response as yet. This is now our second day without heating so any advice or suggestions would be great! Thanks.


  • It seems to be so, we have a new boiler and a vented hot water cylinder both of which were fitted in the last 5/6 years but overall system itself would be over 20 years old. From what we have investigated it seems very common in the UK. It is taking us a full day to get any and every response from Tado and they don’t seem to actually read the info we provide which is annoying! Any advice very helpful!
  • Where would the pump be if it was S or Y plan? I will take a look - thanks!
  • Actually I think our hot water tank is unvented and not vented. Presumably this makes a difference, we definitely don’t have a pump...