allow changing the order of tiles

Please allow us to change order of tiles in the v3+ app; in the pre-v3+ app we used to be able to change the order of the room stripes.

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  • BrynBryn

    Yes, this worked very well in the previous version. Very annoyed that it's not available anymore!

  • Yes please update the app to allow this!
  • And allow them to rotate when turning phone/tablet on its side.
  • Would be a +1 from me also

  • This feature would be very welcome
  • ChrisJChrisJ ✭✭

    And please can we have an option to remove/hide the pointless 'Boiler Repair Services' tile. I know you have these services but I do not need to see this front and centre of my control interface every time I use the app.

  • +1 on this. It bugs me that they're not in alphabetical order.

  • +1 Basic interface functionality!

  • Yes please!! This is just a basic feature. Shame it's not implemented yet!

  • Would be nice to be able to rearrange the tiles on the home screen along with perhaps and option for different sized tiles and maybe some icons or photo option for rooms?
  • Agreed, this would be very handy to get my tiles in a logical order

  • Definite +1 from me. I've recently moved from Hive to Tado and am amazed that this isn't already possible. Hive has many, many faults (their TRVs are a disaster), but even Hive allows you to rearrange tiles in the app.

  • I second this. It's driving me mad that I adjust the rooms and now they're in the wrong order

  • Another +1. Started with four TRV's which went on the rooms I used most. Now I've added more the ones I'm most interested in are at the bottom.

  • +1. This is infuriating.
  • Very annoying to not be able to do this when it was available in the previous app version
  • This has got my vote too. Very frustrating that it's ordered by how I created the rooms. If I'd known this beforehand, I would have done my install a different way.

  • Please add this, its pretty essential.

  • Another +1
    With 3 room stats and 8 radiator stats it’s essential to be able to display the rooms in a user friendly order. Photos would be a great help too.
  • Another +1 here - much needed

  • This still being ignored by Tado, how hard is it to reorder, remove if required (boiler repair tile), and allow tile to rotate to landscape.
    Remember, these companies are customer focused hahahahaha
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