Smart Ac control 10°C setting

I can't see that there is any way to set the temperature below 18°C. For the nordic countries we want to use the stand by heating setting 10°C when not at home for longer periods (country houses). Without this feature the Smart Ac control is useless for all of us.
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  • Hello Bitten,

    We'll switch this proposal of yours in a poll so other users that may be interested can show their interest.



  • Hi!
    I have the same request about 8/10 degree support. It’s very important for us.
  • Same thing here....


  • Same thing here

  • Yes please! I was just trying to figure out how to do that...

    I think many of your potential (Nordic?) country house owners would very much appreciate to be able to set the away temperature to 5-10 degrees (safely frost free but not costing a fortune in a cold climate).

    Add to that the suggested return timer from another thread and it would be brilliant).
  • This would be a great improvement. With the current minimum temp on the app (16° celcius) the only option is to use the heater remote control when leaving the house, and not using the tado app untill shortly before arriving back.

    Also fan setting ‘quiet’ would be good to see in the app.
  • I installed today in my sommerhouse and was looking for the low heat (LH) setting. I was very disappointed when I realised it was missing. I full support this request. As for now I can't recommend your product. :'(
  • Yes please, this would be really nice.

  • Implementing this function can only be to slow 🤔
    It's Ok to set the 10°C settings manually before leaving and then use the Tado app to raise the temperatur before arriving. But we rent out our summer house and sometime the guests forrget to set the 10°C settings before leaving, then it would be to be able to set this remotely in the app
  • I agree. The 8/10 degree option is very important for us in the north!
  • Srtlewis
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    I live in London, which is certainly not the frozen north. I have a new AC control in my garden office and a 8-10 degree setting would be much appreciated as 16 is overkill.

  • Why is there even a limit so it is not possible to set lower temperature than 15??? Many in the Nordics use their "ac" unit as a heat pump to keep remote cabins slightly heated. Also real support for Nordic heat pumps seems not too good. My Daikin is not fully supported.
  • It would be nice to have this function before the Winter season.
  • Oh yes Please. Winter is coming!
  • This is the only thing keeping me from buying the Smart AC. When this feature becomes available, I will buy 2 Smart ACs.
  • Important to have this function before Winter
  • I bought the Tado in 2019 but have never used it as this feater is important to keep my cottage frost free, in an economical way. instead I use my old sms interface to control th A/C.

  • Please add this feature, otherwise it’s useless and I need to buy a new one of another brand! This is a very important feature for all living in the north hemisphere!!
  • Please add, it is very important for us who use the Tado AC Control in colder climates (in my case Sweden). This should really improve your product and increase your market share here!

  • I actually bought the Tado for the sole purpose of controlling temperature in my summer house (in Denmark) during the winter, and it seems pretty strange that 18 degrees is the lowest temperature. If this is not fixed very soon, I am going to return the product to the store.

  • Blicher
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    This feature is absolutely vital for all users in Scandinavia.

    Before the Tado AC V3+ I had a Airpatrol GSM unit to control my AC in our summer-cottage by the sea. I was very dissapointed, when I discovered that the Tado doesn't offer the T10 control. The much simpler Airpatrol is way ahead.

    If I've known that, I would never have bought the Tado.

    By the way; I've asked the Tado-support twice about this problem - no answer!

    Come on Tado engineering team. Get to work and solve the problem!

  • I have Tado at Home.
    But AirPatrol at our cottage! Simply due to This missing feature!
    Do not let yourself be outsmarted by AirPatrol!
    It is no where near your products on all other levels! As a tado fan, this is disappointing.
  • Extremely disappointing that Tado does not support this. Should be so simple to implement. Fortunately I bought my device with a 14 days return ;-{

  • Tado's answer to me asking why this isn't a feature:

    "Unfortunately, as Smart AC Control isn't a heating device, there isn't an option to use the frost protection."

    Hoping to see this feature very soon....

  • I agree. The 8/10 degree option is very important for us in the north!

  • I live in the West Midlands (UK) and use my air-conditioning/heat pump to heat my wife's sewing room which is remote from out house, above our garage. I agree the ability to select a sensible frost protection temperature is a must. Look forward to seeing this added soon.

  • Hello
    Still missing a positive reply
    Regarding the winter issue

    Come on Tado!
  • I am also missing the winter function 8-10 degrees, I didn't expect this function were not availably.

    This is a clearly a must for most customer in Scandinavian.

    🌡️ So come on Tado° make it happened