2 Heating zones in one house query.

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We currently have a Smart Thermostat, probably 4 years old now, connected to a Bridge plugged into the wireless router and all has worked with no issues all connected into a house with a single thermostat source controlling the gas boiler.

We are due to move to a new build house in December and of course i am wanting to take my TADO with me but the setup is different as we have 2 different heating areas.

The downstairs and upstairs of the house have their own dedicated controls and timers with both connected to the same combi-boiler. So basically you can time and control upstairs and downstairs of the house separately.

My question is where do i stand hooking 2 Tado smart thermostats to one single Bridge, is this possible?

Obviously i am going to need to buy another Tado Thermostat to do this.

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    Providing the thermostats in the new house are wired (not using a wireless receiver) you simply need to purchase an additional smart thermostat. Changing the thermostats should be fairly simple.

    In the app you will have two individual zones, each with their own smart schedule.


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    You can have a maximum of 9 wired Smart Thermostats connected to one bridge. Total number of devices, including TRVs and wireless receivers, is 25. You are limited to one bridge and one wireless receiver .

  • So if i buy another Smart Thermostat to replace the current one upstairs in the new house and use the one i currently have to control the thermostat controlling downstairs this should all connect to the bridge plugged into the wireless router?

    So in my app would i see 2 zones to control separately?

  • Had exactly the same question yesterday 😊

    If your boiler does hot water and heating, you will need one Wireless Starter Kit that will control one of your heating zones (valves) and the hot water and a wired thermostat to control the other heating zone (and valve)

    There is a new feature that is not available yet but you can see Heating Zones when you check the rooms in the website.

    The support team can configure which device is the heating controller for that heating zone.

    In my case my wireless thermostat operates the upstairs heating zone and downstairs is controlled by the wired thermostat.

    Whit these zones you can then assign the Radiator valves to each zone, that way when one of the radiator valves requests hot water it will request it to the zone controller, ultimately opening the correct heating zone valve in your house.

    Basically just configure the rooms and tell the support team that for zone 1 the controller is the thermostat with the serial number xxxx and the rooms x y z need to be assigned to that zone
  • I dont have the Tado rad valves, at the moment i just have a wired sensor to control our heating, not the hot water.

    Our new house has a combi-boiler and 2 programable thermostats, one for downstairs and one upstairs. Now if i take my current wired Tado thermostat and stick that to control downstairs in my new house, then buy another wired thermostat and put that to control the upstairs and connect both of them to my bridge that links them to the broadband then technically i should then see two heating zones on my Tado App?

  • As GrilledCheese said, that way you will see the two thermostats in your Tado app :-) controlling each zone individually
  • It should work just fine
  • So what controls the water?

    I have the same setup and there was a Honeywell st900c to control water and heating.

    Now i have two Tado themostat and one extension kit. Its not clear to me which is just controlling the water.
  • The extension kit will control the hot water I guess.
    At least in the UK the hot water is controlled by the wireless receiver.

    It should be clear in the installation instructions 😊
  • @Mouxy

    I installed per the guide for Honeywell st900c and replace DT9e and CM907 programmer. I didn’t have heating for last 3 days and then tech support told me to rewire extension kit having wire 4 and live together. I am not sure if this is causing the boiler to stay on all the time as i see call to heat at adhoc times when the temp is set at 18 degree

    zone 1 smart thermostat
    zone 2 smart themostat
    Extension kit

    who is controlling the hot water request only
    who is controlling the TRV request for zone 1 / 2 for heating only

    Is the boiler getting triggered every time the temp goes below 18 degree each time. Its confusing to me how its all working and to narrow down the functions of the devices
  • @Mouxy, are you saying we're able to assign our own heating zones (I.e which rooms are in each zone, controlled by which thermostat) from the website?
    I can only access the mobile version of the website. I must try from a computer if that is the case.
  • It should work when using the phone too :)

    Just open the website, go to settings, click on a room name and you will see the heating controller

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    Hi all,

    I have a very similar requirement. I have two zones each controlled by individual servo valves. I don't have a combi boiler so there is also another servo valve for the hot water. For the last few years I've successfully used a wireless extender for hot water and the downstairs zone together with a wired smart thermostat for the upstairs zone. This works fine, but I'm in the process of adding smart radiator thermostats. For the downstairs zone controlled by the wireless extender, I've configure the rad stats to use that as a zone controller. For the upstairs zone, I want to use the correct wired thermostat as a zone controller. At the moment, it doesn't show as an option - its' either the wireless extender (which would switch the wrong valve) or none. Currently I have it set to none for the upstairs rads. I don't see this as a long term solution as I believe this means that any radiator will only get heat when it opens if the the fixed thermostat is calling for heat. What do I have to do to make the wired thermostat show up as a potential zone controller, so I can configure the upstairs rad stats correctly?

  • You will need to contact support to configure at their back end rad1 and all trv as zone 1 etc
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    If it doesn’t appear you need to speak to them as ahmedt mentioned
  • Thanks everyone. Sorted by Support :-)
    Both zone controllers now appear as options.
    Happy customer :-)
  • I have just encountered this very issue and am now having to wait for a response from the support team to my request to enable my second zones wired thermostat as a zone controller.

    Is there a way we can request this as an improvement, as in why does the support team have to do anything here, why can't we as the end user just select the appropriate zone controllers as standard? (yes I can select one zone controller, but I need to be able to select multiple).

    I have just finished my installation, so as a new user there was nothing indicating that this even need to be set, so it took some research to figure out.

    As background, I first setup my wired thermostat in my Downstairs heating zone, and then deployed all of my rad TRVs. At this point to test the system I associated the downstairs TRVs with the wired thermostat as their zone controller and this worked great!

    Then as the next step I installed the Wireless Starter Kit with Hot Water control. This replaced my upstairs zone thermostat and water timer. When this was all setup though, the wireless receiver then took over automatically as the zone controller for all of my previously configured devices. I.e. the rad TRVs I had previously associated with my downstairs wired thermostat were now associated with the new upstairs zone wireless receiver, and the upstairs rad TRVs which I previously had set as Independent (no zone controller), were also now associated with the new wireless receiver (in this case that just happens to be ok, but I still have issue with previously configured settings being automatically changed). And now, since the wireless receiver has taken over as the zone controller, it is the only one available for selection (or independent).

    If the previously configured Zone Controller could remain available as well as it's associated devices then that would make for a much more streamlined install process, instead of me now having to engage support to renable something I was previously able to do myself.