New Tado user - questions about extending system and setting up


Recently bought my first Tado kit, a brand new, but clearance stock V3 Smart Thermostat starter kit from Argos eBay store, for £76.99. Kit included Smart Wall thermostat and Internet bridge.

My central heating system comprised a Baxi Duo-Tec Combi 24 HE boiler, and wired analogue wall mounted room thermostat, in the lounge. There are 8 radiators throughout the house (3 bed semi with conservatory), all currently fitted with TVR's, including a towel radiator in the bathroom.

So, I have currently changed the wall thermostat for the Tado smart thermostat - a very straightforward job with only 2 wires, it took about 20 minutes including registering devices via the App.

I currently have my boiler on 'constant' setting and use the smart schedule for bringing the heating on/off. This already is better than what I had, which was basically the standard 24hr timer on the boiler. I can now control different temperatures as well as the different times.

I am now looking at getting some Tado radiator thermostats, but just a bit unclear how best to set things up going forward.

Do I keep the boiler set to 'on/constant', and then let the thermostats control as/when to call for heat?

If I have radiator thermostats, do they override the first/main room stat in terms of temperature?

Will the radiator stats call for heat for their respective room/zone independnat of the wall stat?

Cheers for any help/advice offered for a newbie.



  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @mj293 Yes you leave the boiler to ON and the tado trv which you will purchase will give you a system which will work in either of the following modes:

    1. TRVs can only get heat when boiler-controlling thermostat is itself calling for heat
    2. Any tado device can call and get heat regardless.

    Only Support can change this on the chat line and it's unclear to me which mode is being set as standard at the moment - you of course need Mode 2