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Multiple zones and fine tuning rooms

There are two zones in my house ground and first floor. My ground floor is an open space so one thermostat is sufficient. There are 6 heated rooms upstairs in zone 2 with only central heating radiators. I would like to have granular control in the 4 rooms and other 2 rooms set only by zone 2 settings:
1. main bathroom with a radiator and an electric underfloor heating and minor bathroom with a radiator.
2. Nursery with a radiator
3. Main bedroom with a radiator

If both zones are off and the schedule set to heat up only bathrooms at 5am then it should not impact other rooms and heat only bathrooms. Also if there is no schedule on a room and zone 2 set to 18 C then all rooms upstairs should heat up.

I was thinking of the following setup:
* main thermostat downstairs to control two zones
* additional thermostat in the main bathroom to wire it with underfloor heating to control bathrooms. The bathrooms are next to each other.
* tado radiator valves in nursery and main bedroom.

Please advise on it


  • GermánGermán | Admin

    Hello Andrey,

    For the zones to be really independent you must have the means to open one without opening the other. That would mean that you actually have 2 thermostats, one for the ground floor and another one for the upstairs.

    If that's the case, then you can use 2 tado Smart Thermostats, to control each one of them. In that setup, you can then add the Smart Radiator Thermostats to add the room granularity within one of these zones.

    As for the electric underfloor heating, even though it will be set in the same room than the radiator, you must bear in mind they need to be configured as two different zones -which you may give the same exact schedule-. Also, please know that in electric underfloor heating systems we have certain restrictions (our Smart Thermostat can't switch more than 6A, and it's not compatible with any kind of external sensor as underfloor probes).



  • Thank you German.

    Can you please provide more instructions on how Tado thermostat can be connected to underfloor electric heating?
  • GermánGermán | Admin

    Hello andrey,

    You'll find more specific information in our Professional Installer Guides:

  • be aware though that Tado thermostats have no provision for a floor temperature probe which is a bit of an omission..

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