Add a "Master Room" of sorts


Sometimes I just want to heat the whole house to, for example, 22°C for a short time to create some heat. The region were I live experiences major temperature drops and the thermostats sometimes just don't pick it up that quicly OR our sensation is that it's much colder than it actually is.

Having a "Master Room" where I could set ALL of my connected thermostats to a certain temperature for a certain amount of time would be great. After the set time has passed, each should go back to their regular schedule.



  • Hi @RRM,
    Do you have "Alexa"....?? 🤔
    You can create a 'routine' in Alexa to achieve exactly this.....I have done this with my Alexa....and it works great ✔️👌👍
  • Hi @GrayDav4276,

    many thanks for your reply. 😉

    I've tried your solution but unless I'm doing something very wrong, I think it still doesn't fulfil my expectations. 😐️

    Problem being that Alexa can only (again, I might be wrong) use the routines to set the temperature to whatever I choose, but by doing so leave it infinitely on that temperature until I set it back (either manually, through another routine or through the tado app itself).

    I really appreciate having tado controlling my home's temperature according to my pre-programmed schedules. Reason for it being that I'm most of the time alone at home, working homeoffice. So I basically just close my office door and heat that one room. The rest of the house can gladly stay a few degrees lower, since I'm not using it for about 70% of the day. My tado schedule is set to start re-heating the whole house once my husband starts his way back from work.

    Any thoughts?

  • Try
    Settings > rooms and devices > [roomname] > manual control .. here you can alter the (unhelpful) default from “until ended by user” to “until next automatic change