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Does anyone know why I can't create a new room?

Error received in the app and on the web GUI,
"Assignment to new room by user not possible yet, To reassign the device to a new room, please contact our technical support"


  • From the home screen select settings and then Home, devices. Select the device you want to reassign and select the name showing under Room. Adjust room name and relocate device accordingly.

    If this doesn't work, phone technical support.

  • msammonsmsammons
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    Thanks Jez, Waiting on support now :)
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    I have exactly the same issue. Can’t complete 2 radiator valve installations on Tado app because of it. Strangely the rads do show up in Apple HomeKit and can be controlled from there. Also awaiting call back from support but if you hear first......

  • Support asked for the valve serial numbers and new room names so I'm guessing they will set these up from their side, bit annoying, the first 6 added fine, just the last three had issues,
    I'll drop an update once it's sorted.
  • Thanks for your response. Hope you get this sorted.

  • Had an update today from support, they moved the valves and created new rooms for me and I'm also now able to add rooms myself,
    They haven't said what was wrong or what exactly what they did to resolve this, but it's working now!
  • Support came back to me to say that I could now create and assign rooms. I was able to do this and complete the installation.

    They didn't tell me what was wrong, but it all seems to work now. I do have two further valves to add- hope they work!

  • Hi,

    There is an issue that, under certain circumstances, the system can't reconfigure the devices correctly (e.g. which rad-stat is allowed to call for heat from a specific Smart Thermostat). This can lead to you being road-blocked and support having to resolve it for you.

    We are working on fixing this, but it may take some time to get it to automatically be able to account for any configuration change.

    I apologise for the inconvenience this can cause.

    Best regards,


  • @Frank I have the same problem, could you please sort it out for me.
  • Hi @CIM ,

    Please contact support for assistance on this: https://support-request.tado.com/#/contact?locale=en



  • Is there a published solution for this Frank?
  • Hi Frank I have 8 rooms to setup - can this only be done by support?

  • Hi,

    Sorry for not replying sooner. There has been a lot of movement regarding this, and now only a few corner-cases will trigger this issue. We are also working on addressing these so that this error is a thing of the past.

    Best regards,


  • Has this issue been resolved yet? I appear to be experiencing the same now I have installed my first radiator stat.
  • I contacted todo support and they did fix it quickly for me. This appears to be the only way to resolve the problem

  • I have the same issue, waiting for support to come back to me.

  • Same issue here. The lack of flexibility to rename, add change rooms seems a big con for this product. I am trying to like this product, but I can't say the installation has been easy. First poor fitting adapters due to a production flaw which tado had to replace (now i can't finish the setup because of this issue. Needing 2 interventions from support to get an installation done is a poor result

  • Same issue. I've successfully installed 9 rad valves and now the 10th cannot be assigned to a room. Good thing is it's not a room that's in use right now but it will be when we have guests in a few days time. C'mon Tado. It's obviously a software issue - I need the radiator to be operational asap.

  • same issue here. This thread is a year old, maybe time to fix this?

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