Is it possible to set the away mode automatically if the alarm system is armed?


I wonder if it is possible to somehow connect the tado system with the alarm system of the house. It would be very useful to set tado to away mode if the alam system is armed and set it to home mode if the alarm system is disarmed. Any help would be appreciated. Laszlo

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  • ChristianG
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    I guess you could use routines with IFTTT, Google Assistant, etc; that does all of this together.


  • Indeed, it is a good solution, thank you. Is there a method which works even if my phone is not connected to the internet?

  • GrilledCheese2
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    Is your alarm system connected to the internet and does it support IFTTT or one of the voice assistants?

  • Not yet, but I would like to make the necessary changes to be able to control the tado system.

  • I have a ring alarm system and would like to set Tado to away mode when the alarm is set (the wife doesn't have location turned on on her phone!). The Alexa Tado skill doesn't allow me to set Away/Home mode and I don't believe IFTTT supports setting Away/Home mode for the Tado system either. Being able to set the Tado Away/Home mode via other smart home interfaces would be really useful.
  • I also have a ring alarm and would like to set my Tado to home or away mode based upon the state of the alarm as my wife doesn't have location turned on. This would be a great feature for home automation integration.
  • I am looking for the same kind of functionality…..through Ring or Alexa……but so far no luck. So I’m tagging on a comment here more in hope than expectation.
  • @Jasper1976 Yes, you can use the Tado API to manually set the system to Home, Away and Auto. You can use IFTTT webhook service to do this or create your own application to make HTTP requests. It's a bit techy so not for everyone.