Tado SRT set as "INDEPENDENT" What does it actually do ?? 🤔

Today I conducted an experiment with 1 of my 10 Tado SRT's.
The SRT in question was 'controlling' a room with 1 radiator, which had the SRT installed (this radiator/room has been operating correctly)
This SRT has been utilising my Tado Extension kit to allow boiler operation when this SRT 'calls for heat'....this is normal and operates perfectly.
I have noticed in a few other threads that some users have been told to 'set' an SRT to 'INDEPENDENT'....ie to disconnect from their 'Zone controller' which appears to be the 'Extension kit'.....as is the case with my setup (which is entirely wireless)
So to my experiment.......
I changed my SRT Zone controller to "INDEPENDENT" with the following results......The Room Tile showed an applied temperature change when made through the App.....ie it showed "Heating to" and the 'opened room' showed the 3 wavy lines for 'heating'.....also the graph of operation showed the SRT to be demanding heat.....however the boiler was not fired up......because there is 'OBVIOUSLY' no connection between the SRT and the boiler.....because the boiler is not receiving a request from the Extension kit.
So although the SRT is 'communicating' via the Bridge to the Tado servers, which allows the App to 'display' the SRT condition (temperature and heat requests).....but the SRT cannot actually achieve a 'real time' functionality.
I have asked Tado Support to explain how an "INDEPENDENT" SRT actually operates........
So can anyone else shed any light on this.....??🤔 🤷‍♂️🙏


  • I believe this function is used for district heating systems where individual apartments do not demand heat. The on/off times of the heat source are controlled by a third party. The SRT is simply managing the room temperature. Could also be used in a home where UFH has priority and you just want to divert hot water to a few radiators at certain times of the day.

  • Hi @GrilledCheese2,
    So am I right in thinking that in a regular, normal household.....making an SRT "INDEPENDENT" simply turns an (expensive) Tado 'SMART' TRV into an ordinary "DUMB" (much cheaper) TRV.
  • When you make it independent it reacts like a normal TRV, but you have the "smart" schedule time when you want to heat the room.
    But it only works if the room with the mastercontroller needs heat, and the boiler is active.
  • Hi @KaleBikkel,

    So what you're saying it's a Dumb TRV (with benefits)......or to put it more accurately.....it's a time programmable Dumb TRV .

    That's interesting.......I'll check this out later today.......that might be handy 🤔

    Thanks for your interpretation of the "INDEPENDENT" Tado SRT 👍✔️

  • Hi @KaleBikkel.
    Hi @GrilledCheese2,

    I have conducted my experiment and I have found out that an " INDEPENDENT" SRT is definitely a ' Dumb TRV with benefits '

    The ' benefits ' part is the fact that you can still programme the SRT through the normal ' scheduling ' available in the App.

    In other words a standard 'dumb' TRV will heat the radiator whenever the boiler is supplying heat to the Central Heating system.....this means that a 'dumb' TRV is operation almost all the time.

    An " INDEPENDENT" Tado SRT will only operate when the boiler is operational & the "INDEPENDENT" SRT is 'scheduled ON' the "INDEPENDENT" SRT will also only heat to the temperature that has been set in the schedule.

    I currently have 2 SRT's switched to "INDEPENDENT"..... and I may revise my current setup again....if I can figure out what is more effective/efficient for my household.

    I know it's a bit sad.....but I have found this to be 'enlightening' 😉🤔😎
  • ## UPDATE ##
    Experiment continuing now with 3 SRT's set to "INDEPENDENT"