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Disable Manual Temperature Changes To Radiator Smart TRV

Does anyone want to take my 2 year old daughter and teach her to not touch the TRVs?

In the absence of any offers, can anyone suggest a way to disable manual changes to the temperature setting on the rads and allow changes through the app only?

Right now it is summer and the heating is off. But I fear that my daughter is going to cost me a fortune in oil when the heating is on by randomly turning the heat to 25C in some of the rooms.

I get no warnings from the app that anything has changed so I am completely unaware of any changes until I happen to open the app.


  • Hi,

    Until the child-lock is finally released, what you could do is set the manual behaviour for the zones to start a timer for 1 minute. This way, after 60 seconds, it goes back to the scheduled setting. If the internet is disconnected, the timer won't engage, so there is no risk.

    Best regards,


  • Yeah, I tried that but did not see it return to the schedule after the allotted 60 seconds.

    Let's see if this child lock is released before winter....

  • Hello Catfunt,

    Once the timer adjusted via de setting "Manual Control in the tado device" expires, the system should go back to follow the schedule.

    If this didn't happen, please contact our support about it with the details of when did it happen:




  • I've just tried it.

    I set the timer to 1 minute and then placed the Lounge on the schedule. I then turned the temperature up and the app showed it would remain at the higher temperature for 5 minutes.

    So the change of temperature via the app over-rode the timer. Thus, the timer doesn't work.

    If you want me to do it again and upload screenshots please let me know,

  • Here you go - check the timestamps on each screenshot and you'll see they've all been done in the last few seconds...

  • Honestly TADO! a child lock should've been implemented even before you released the product.
    It's fun to watch my 1 year old hunt for the trvs and turn them and stare at the led display. BUT IT IS NOT FUNNY!
  • I'm with you @Sri. I'm not too bothered right now because the heating is off but I'll be deeply unimpressed if my daughter can arbitrarily turn the heating up to 25°C in some of the rooms and I receive no notification on my phone. My heating bills are going to be huge this winter!

    And you've not replied to my messages with the screenshots. I've shown you that the 1 minute limit doesn't work.
  • Hello Catfunt,

    The Manual Command in the tadoº device setting apply only to the commands that are sent from the device itself.

    If you want to show interest in the development of a child lock feature, we kindly invite you to vote in the open polls in our Suggestions, Ideas and Improvement section, this way we can track the actual interest that our users may have in different potential developments:




  • Yeah, I did but it seems as if this has been in 'development' for quite some time....

  • DitsyDitsy
    edited October 2019

    As a workaround, there is an IFTTT tado trigger for "temperature rises above threshold", you can set that up to send a rich notification or an email, or whatever other option you can find on IFTTT that suits you. I haven't tested it, but you could set it to trigger the "Return to tado automatic control" action. That might make altering from your schedule rather annoying though!

    IFTTT tado heating triggers - https://ifttt.com/create/if-tado_heating?sid=11

  • It's been long requested and promised - we need a child lock on each radiator, plus a 'geo-fence only' app account, so the heating can be smart even for household members who we don't want to be able to adjust the settings. Without that it's open to abuse and children can cost you more than any saving you might get to both your bills and the environment.

  • VertigoVertigo ✭✭✭

    until there is a childlock, why not tape the TRV wheel?

  • Germán | Admin

    All very well saying this but this link started in April and nothing has happened. In fact not a single element of functionality has changed in over 12 months. I really hope you aren't about to make the same mistake as last time and release all these changes together and charge people for the privilege?

  • I have created a poll about the "child lock" question
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