To have wireless and wired tado thermostat

I have a wired tado thermostat V2. I have bought a new Tado Wirless v3+ starter kit.

I am installing a new Viessman heatiung system and want to use the wireless receiver V3+ to control it, it comes with a wireless thermostat V3+. I wonder if I could still use the wired tado v2, maybe creating two zones in my house. The old wired tado v2 would remain in the living room, anbd the new wirless thermostat V3+ would move from one room to another as needed.

Is it possible?

Do I need to create a new account or I can still use my existing account?

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  • GrilledCheese2
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    Your V2 thermostat can be used as wired or wireless, it’s just a config change.

    I assume you have only one heating circuit at the moment and all radiators come on at the same time. If that’s the case you can only use one of your thermostats.

    If you want to use both thermostats you could ask your plumber to split the heating pipework into two circuits. E.g. upstairs and downstairs.

    As a V2 user I assume you don’t pay a monthly subscription. Keep using the existing account or you will lose your grandfather rights to the advance features.

  • GrilledCheese2
    GrilledCheese2 ✭✭✭
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    I suggest you get guidance from Tado on how to upgrade your setup.

    Are you aware of Digital Bus control and Weather Compensation sensors? Something to discuss in advance of the installation with Tado and your plumber.

    A Tado thermostat can control all boilers using traditional relay control, but it can also control some Viessmann boilers using a digital bus. This will give better control of room temperature.

    A weather compensation sensor will run the radiators hot in the winter months, but reduce their temperature in autumn & spring. The room temperature stays the same, but your boiler will run more efficiently when it is running at a lower temperature.


  • Many thanks "Grilled Cheese"!

    Following your answer, I will use only the wireless thermostat with the wireless remote all from the starter kit V3+.

    I will have a single circuit then.

    Is it possible to use the same old account with this new tado system? If yes, could you point me to someplace where I could learn how to do it.

    Indeed I do not pay any monthly subscription.

  • Many thanks for the hints.

    the plumber comes now and I will ask them to use digital bus. I will ask them also for the weather compensation sensors (i m going to google for it)

    They have said to me that they take care of removing the old thermostat v2 from the app and adding the new one instead. It seems to be very easy (for the technicians who know how to do it 😊)