Can't add thermostat or Extender

i have a vaillant ecotec 630 with vr65

Due to logistics, availability timings & cost i purchased my Tado kit from 3 vendors.

V3 dual Radiator starter kit from argos

thermostat and extender from amazon

9 x radiator stats (incloming) from Currys

i connected the 2 x radiator stats and internet bridge from argos first as they arrived first and had no issues.

i then had the extender added to the vr65 ebus and added the thermostat and extender to my account via the iso app. after pairing and seeing connected i'm then told to complete the process in a browser. at this point i can't proceed as there is an error

"there is a Room Unit without a zone, though Boiler Unit is registered for installation process SALE_FITTING_ST_G1.1 - INSTALLER_INSTALLATION_PENDING (discr: 0) of home"

What needs to happen now?


  • GermánGermán | Admin | Admin

    Hello @Chris_topher

    The fact that the products were purchased from different suppliers doesn't really matter.

    The error you are getting appears when we are trying to confirm that a professional installer has performed the installation, but the system detects that this is not true because there's no finished installation (the devices are not properly wired or configured).

    As we could see you are already in contact with our Installation team, and they're working on some installation instructions for you, we kindly advise to keep the communication with them through that support ticket.



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