REQUEST: Shower / bathroom setting that turns the TRV on when high humidity detected

Many people have mould problems in the shower room / bathroom. That's one reason why they (including me) bought a TADO system - to have better background heating in the bathroom (and in other rooms).

The room by room humidity tracking in the TADO app is great, and has helped with resolving dampness and mould in many rooms. There's one room where the humidity spikes on a regular basis: the BATHROOM / SHOWER ROOM.

Please could we have a 'BATHROOM / SHOWER ROOM' setting that turns UP the TRV when humidity spikes and keeps it on until humidity falls to normal levels. That will help to control dampness and mould in the bathroom / shower room. It's great to have the humidity sensor, let's do something with it!

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  • The Tado IFTTT service will trigger the heating when the humidity exceeds a limit.

  • Thanks, for the suggestion! Much easier than I expected! For the benefit of others, here's how I did it:

    1. Sign up for a free IFTTT account at www .iffft. com (remove spaces from address)
    2. Once signed in, search for 'Tado' and click to link your IFTTT account to your Tado account. You will be taken to the Tado website to give permission for the two accounts to be linked.

    Once you've done that, go back to the IFTTT website. There are a few pre-defined Tado automation applets which are worth looking at but the one we want is not there. We will create a new one. It's easy!

    1. On the IFTTT website, click 'Create'
    2. Click 'If This - Add' and type 'Tado' and click 'Tado heating'. Click 'If humidity rises above threshold'.
    3. Select which room you want from the dropdown list. (The room list is automatically populated with your rooms because you linked your IFTTT account to your Tado account.)
    4. Enter a humidity threshold. Looking at my bathroom humidity history, (only available on the Tado app, not on the website) I chose 55% as a threshold. Yours might be different. Type in '55' (without a percentage % sign.)
    5. Click 'Create Trigger'
    6. Click 'Then That - Add'. Type 'Tado' and click 'Turn Heating on'. Choose a room, a temperature, and a duration.
    7. Click 'Create action'.

    That's it! While testing, suggest you activate IFTTT notifications until you're satisfied it's working properly then you can turn off the IFTTT notifications.

    I'm still testing mine, but looks good so far.

  • One more thing - IFTTT by default displays the first part of your email address as your username. If that contains your real name then it might be viewable by others. If that bothers you, then go to IFTTT settings and change your username to something else.

  • Hey @RedTom & @GrilledCheese2,
    I've not tried IFTTT before....gonna have a look
    Cheers 🥂