Smart Schedule Improvements (copy schedule etc..)

Could you please add the following feature to the web UI and app?

  1. Being able to copy the schedule of a day to the other days of the week.
  2. Being able to create an alternative schedule of the whole week.
  3. Being able to copy a schedule to new tado devices / tado devices of another room

In the community these features has been requested for years.


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  • In our apartment when the external temperature drastically changes, we change the internal Tado radiator temperatures to adjust. This is because it "feels" colder in the apartment when it's -20 outside and we need to adjust the internal temperature.

    Eg. if it's -15 outside we set Tado Smartschedule to 23 degrees C, when it's above -5 we set Tado to 21 degrees.

    It would be great to program this into SmartSchedules. Eg. check external weather for house location (from weather services).

    Allow user to set a rules for all smart schedules of + or - XX degrees internal temperature based on external temperature ranges.

    Concrete example:

    IF external temperature between {-99} to {-15} ADD 2 degrees C to all smart schedule temperatures.

    IF external temperature between {-15} to {+5} leave all smart schedules at default.

    IF external temperature between {-5} to {+99} SUBTRACT 5 degrees C to all smart schedule temperatures.

  • The feeling you describe is likely related to humidity in the home, rather than the direct effect of temperature. Very low humidity makes us feel cooler than the actual temperature in the room. This happens because the dry air helps moisture to evaporate more quickly than usual from the surface of our skin. This cools the body and leads to people turning up the thermostat. Either way it would be good to have the option of temperatures based on what it feels like.

  • I’ve spent the last few days calibrating the scheduled of 5 different rooms and now want to make sure I’m getting the most efficient use of my boiler.

    I would like to see all the different times that any room called for heat and then potentially reschedule them so that they overlap more often than not.

    It’s hard to do this by going into and out of the individual room charts 5 times and I would like a single graph that I can toggle the temperature and heating of each room, shown with different colours.
  • Similarly, it would be very helpful to see not only the current temperature of the rooms but also set-to temp alongside the graph. And finally, the units on the Y-axis should be more constant and filled in... sometimes it’s 15-22, other times it’s 19-21
  • Hi,

    I renamed your feature request for a broader audience.

    In general, the Smart Schedule is one of the things we look at improving this summer. (no promises)

  • Agree with @krugster; a single chart which shows time along the X axis and all rooms sheeting in individual bars on the y axis for ease of management. (I currently do this in a simple excel spreadsheet to ensure I'm being as efficient as I can with timings).

    To make this even more powerful, combine the 'radiator on' data from all rooms. This would allow users to see the effect of different timing strategies and identify the most efficient approach.
  • @Jurian and the whole Tado community

    If there is a genuine move by Tado to revisit the scheduler, perhaps it's time to move our thinking away from the "timeclock replacement" almost all of these products adopt into something that is far closer to real life - something that's hard to do with a simple timeclock, but very easy with a computer of any description.

    IMHO (feel free to disagree), there is a component missing in the way SmartSchedule works - I would call what we have today "Simple Schedule" and might be inclined to leave it as a "Basic" mode since it's there because that's what people moving into smart systems are used to with their legacy systems.

    "Advanced" scheduling should allow a library of "Schedule Profiles" to be created. The SmartSchedule then allows the user to define which profile is running in a given zone, on a day by day basis, perhaps allowing for other influences such "Away" mode.

    An example - maybe I create a "Guest Bedroom - Unoccupied" schedule, that is my preferred baseline program, and a "Guest Bedroom - Occupied" profile that behaves more like the other occupied bedrooms in my home. My SmartSchedule identifies "Guest Bedroom - Unoccupied" as the usual schedule for every day of the week. My parents invite themselves for a few days, so I simply add a calendar entry for the guest bedroom to switch to "Guest Bedroom - Occupied" from 17th March to 21st March - It would be good to have a time of day for the switch rather than just midnight, but in the first instance I could live with just midnight.

    For "Away" mode, it should be possible to have individual users aligned to each zone, and a "Schedule Profile" configured for activation when that zone is in "Away" mode. My son's room should have a "John's Bedroom - Occupied" and "John's Bedroom - Away" profile and when he leaves the house it should automatically switch to the "Away" profile for just his room, unless the rest of the people in the home are already out, when the other zones should then adopt their "Away" profiles since there is nobody left at the home.

    As long as the profile editor allows a new profile to be created based on an existing profile, then the need to be able to copy schedules between days and rooms becomes a non-issue, since you create a profile, and then apply it to whichever room(s) you like on whichever day(s) you like. A single "Bedroom - Occupied" profile could be applied to every bedroom, no copying or duplication required at all.

    The date based override could be a "Period Override" or "Permanent Switch". The "Period Override" sets a new schedule profile between a start and end date, reverting to the original baseline profile at the end of the period. The "Permanent Switch" replaces the baseline schedule profile for the selected one at a given date/time.

    Once the concept of Schedule Profiles exists, it becomes possible to create a zone that has a Preferred Winter Schedule Profile, a Preferred Summer Schedule Profile and dates for switching between Winter and Summer profiles which could be applied on a global or a per zone basis.

    Sorry, another essay.. but if you're planning to do some work, get stuck in and stand out from the competition a little... think bigger !

    Have a great day :)

  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    Yes, the scheduling really needs a big overhaul. It is not smart at all.

    In this country it is quite usual for people to work 36 hours/week and they have one day off on alternate weeks. So alternating on odd/even weeks the heating should be on or off on a certain day. This is difficult to cover with the current schedule.

    Same goes for public holidays. When they are on a workday (e.g. christmas), there should be an easy option to run one single day on another profile either scheduled or manually.

  • Copy paste schedule is a must have. Don’t quite understand why it’s taking so long for that function to come true
  • And still we wait for a copy scheduled to different zone… buying a car with no fuel….