Thread is the future of smart home connectivity and will also help people struggling with Tado range issues.

Thread should also help grow network size without overwhelming the system as it becomes more resilient.
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  • Agreed.

    As somebody who is just starting to build out my HomeKit environment, I'm only going to invest in accessories that support the Thread protocol. I'd like to get my heating sorted on priority but won't be buying a system / devices unless Thread support is included. I'm hoping that the Tado tech team will be able to share some information in the near future.

  • I’m in exactly the same boat.

    I’d really like to purchase a couple of different sensors and accessories, but seeing how Thread with BLE back-up is clearly the way things are going, I’m waiting before upgrading anything more.

    Philips Hue’s decision to only upgrade their hub to Thread means I won’t be getting anything more from them, unless it’s something particularly unique.

    I hope Tado makes the jump, particularly as it’ll be an excellent way to solve a couple of the issues frequently referenced on the forums.