Adding Radiator Valves messes system

Have installed the Tado controller on our standard boiler (hot water and central heating) with the wireless thermostat to control heat (located where old wired thermo was)

System was fine until I started adding Tado Radiator Valves.

Now everything is oddly behaved ... including heating coming on at night and radiators without Tado valves being overly hot

I have each valve set up to own location and they a paired with the controller.

Thinking of removing and returning the Tado valves at the moment... clearly I have something wrong.

Any suggestions welcome.

My set up is Valves on one of two radiators down stairs (same room as Wireless Thermostat) - two rooms on first floor (bathroom and main bedroom - leaving one room on regular valve) and loft room on second floor.


  • Update

    Not quite there yet but turned out that one of the valves had stuck shut meaning that the smart valve was calling for heat which wasn’t being delivered.

    Once I removed the valve things have settled but it’s still seemingly an art to fine tune each smart schedule ... also realised that some (but not all) radiators on non-smart TRVs need to be significantly turned down.

    So moral seems to be ... if you add smart radiator valves you need to take time to balance the settings